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Panic, fears, worries, doubts

Pounding heart, shaking, muscle tension, sleepless nights

Countless “What Ifs”

These are some of the many ways anxiety can wreak havoc on your life. Your body feels like it’s on Red Alert much of the time. You are constantly scanning your environment and your interactions for signs of danger. You react strongly to situations that, perhaps, may not warrant such an intense response. You may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night. You are constantly on edge. It’s exhausting!

When anxiety takes the wheel, you’re in for a harrowing ride. Whether you have been “prone” to anxiety throughout your life or anxiety has developed recently in reaction to a difficult life experience, it’s simply not a great way to go through life. Quite often, your life revolves around trying to keep anxiety at bay. Anxiety tells you what you can and can’t do or where you can and can’t go. You are not in charge of your life.

Avoidance is one of the most common coping strategies.

Stay away from that bridge and you don’t have to deal with your fear of heights, for that moment. Don’t talk to anyone at the party and you won’t make a fool of yourself. Better yet, just don’t go to the party! Internally, we can make some good arguments for continuing to use avoidance as our main way to deal with anxiety. Yet, when avoidance is the primary coping strategy, anxiety GROWS stronger and our world becomes smaller.

There is a better way!

Seeking help for dealing with anxiety is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. If anxiety has become intense, you are simply not enjoying your life to the fullest. We want to change that. Anxiety has physical, emotional, cognitive/thinking, and behavioral components and our therapy approaches will help you make improvements in all these symptom areas. Research has proven that the most effective treatments for anxiety are the ones that deal with it head on. Scary, we know. Who wants to look the monster under the bed in the eye? We do. We will do it together and we’ll see that the monster isn’t so scary after all.

Effective help for anxiety is available.

Our licensed therapists focus on research supported, direct approaches to anxiety treatment. We want to target your symptoms head on, so that you begin to experience some relief quickly. Our goal is always to work ourselves out of a job. We want to work together with you to develop the skills and mindset needed to take anxiety out of the driver’s seat and put it in the cargo area where it belongs. We will help you understand that anxiety can come along for the ride, but it doesn’t get to navigate. After we accomplish this, we will help you transition out of therapy when the time is right.

Don’t spend another day locked up at the mercy of your anxiety.

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