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Individual Help for Relationship Concerns

Has your fairy tale beginning turned into a bit of a nightmare?

If you’re feeling unloved, unappreciated, and generally under-whelmed in your relationship, you are probably starting to feel hopeless. Like nothing will ever change. Perhaps you and your partner are having so many problems that you’re not even sure it’s worth working out.

We get it.

Humans are wired for connection. Once you’re attached to someone, it’s really not that easy to see problems within the relationship through an objective lens. When you love someone, you often excuse and overlook their faults. This is actually a crucial aspect of successful relationships. Most of us are really counting on our partner to accept us for who we are – warts and all. However, sometimes these “faults” contribute to very unhealthy relationship patterns. You need to determine whether any of the relationship problems you are having are “deal breakers.”

Once the problems in our relationships come into full focus, it can be difficult to get your mind off of them. You may obsess or ruminate about the most recent argument. You run through conversations and comments by your partner over and over in your mind. You may be talking to your friends or family about the issues and their “helpful” suggestions are making things even more confusing. You’re hurt, overwhelmed, tired, and confused. It’s difficult to know what the “best” decision is for you and for your relationship.

You need a neutral place to talk.

The reality is that our friends and family will always be biased. Much of the time this works to your advantage. They cheer us on and support our activities. Yet when it comes to relationship problems, it’s not so easy. Quite often, when friends and family see you hurting, they want the hurting to stop. So they offer some very logical advice – “end the relationship!” But, hold on. Wait. A. Second. The solution rarely seems so black-or-white to the partners within the relationship.

You have probably put a lot into this relationship. Time. Emotional energy. Resources, tangible and intangible. You’ve probably also had dreams of what the future would bring with this partner. Once you are attached to someone, it’s not so easy. You want to make sure you make a decision that makes the most sense for you – present and future.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

If your relationship has become so stressful that changes need to be made, it’s time to get help. Now. Don’t wait until things get so bad that one (or both) of you gives up. The sooner you get help, the easier it can be to turn negative patterns around, or to make a determination that change isn’t possible.

If both partners agree that change needs to be made and are willing to come in and work together, then we highly recommend couples therapy. However, we understand that this is simply not the case for many people. Perhaps you’re not sure if couples therapy would help. Or you may be sure, but your partner isn’t. Or you want to take some individual time to understand for yourself what you might be willing or able to do to make changes in the relationship. This list of variations goes on.

In any case, we’re here to help. No judgments. No biases for or against the relationship. We are here for you. To help you decide what makes the most sense for you and for your relationship.

We’re here to tell you – things can get better!

We will work together with you to explore all your options. We will help provide an objective point of view, for you to step back and look at your relationship issues from a variety of angles.

Get help with negative relationship patterns today.

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